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About the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH)

The AGH is the oldest, largest art museum in Southern Ontario, Canada. Their collection contains more than 10,000 pieces of artwork ranging from Canadian historical, to international, to contemporary art. They house artwork by the Group of Seven, Keith Haring, James Tissot, Kim Adams, and many other artists!

The AGH will also be the first home of the Art of Creation exhibit! We partnered with them because of their commitment to making learning a lifelong journey which can be experienced in ways that are tactile, social, and accessible to all. This is evident in their various tours and talksstudios for adults and kidsfamily activitiesschool programsfilm programmingperformances, and more.

The AGH's multidisciplinary arts education outreach programs

As one of Canada’s longest-running arts organizations, the AGH has had to grow, change, and develop with the many communities it serves. The AGH is passionately committed to positively impacting and inspiring the learning of our city’s youth, identifying education and outreach as two of its core priorities in its most recent strategic plan. The AGH Department of Programs and Education has subsequently pursued interactive, hands-on learning as a central component of its education strategy.

In the summer of 2018, the AGH introduced an innovative multidisciplinary, arts education, outreach program, AGH: In Class to school throughout Hamilton. AGH: In Class, partners local Artist Educators, from a diversity of backgrounds and cultural practice, with teachers to collaborate and create art-based projects that promote exploration in core subjects such as math, language arts, science, social studies and more.  The program is able to reach broader goals as well, from projects addressing mental health concerns, encouraging community activism and environmental stewardship through the artistic platforms of Drama and Spoken Word, Dance, Visual Arts, Filmmaking, Rap, and Music Composition.  

The AGH continues to explore and develop new community partnership opportunities that introduces the arts as a tool for collaboration, communication, learning and relationship building.

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