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Fredericton-Based Resources

Food Supports

Fredericton Community Kitchens Inc.: Provides services that address food insecurity through feeding programs and food boxes, and is in partnership with various organizations across the city to address food insecurity.

Feed The Lions Student Hunger and School Backpack Programs: Provides food for Fredericton school-aged children and youth, with lunches and their families over the weekend.

Meals on Wheels: A non-profit organisation dedicated to providing healthy food and social support to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those recovering from surgery or illnesses.

Wednesdays at Wilmot: A program of Wilmot United Church that offers lunch programs and food vouchers every Wednesday.

Mental Health and Disabilities Supports

Canadian Mental Health Association CMHA: Facilitates access to resources in order to maintain and improve mental health and community integration. They offer programs and services that aid in mental health awareness in New Brunswick, and offer workshops and resources in accessing mental health services in the province.

Chimo Helpline: Provides crisis intervention, a listening ear, helpful information, and referrals to resources in the province of New Brunswick. They are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to all residents.

After Hours Crisis Unit: Provides interventions to defuse situations in the community. Addiction and mental health social workers/nurses are available for response, intervention, and/or assessment.

Ability New Brunswick: Provides programs that cater to individuals with injuries or onset of any mobility disability. They have a wide variety of services such as but not limited to: rehabilitation counselling, transitioning, sports and recreation, and peer support.

Social Development Disability Program: Disability program by the Government of New Brunswick.

Supports for Immigrants and BIPOC

New Brunswick Multicultural Council: Champions diversity through providing and supporting immigrant-servicing agencies and multicultural and ethnocultural associations in New Brunswick.

University of New Brunswick Indigenous Resources: Resources available to Indigenous groups or individuals within the university.

Multicultural Association of Fredericton: Provides information, resources, and assistance to newcomers in New Brunswick. Moreover, they aim to advance ethnocultural education within the community and strengthen ties within cultural groups and individuals.

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