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Newborn at Simone Hall

Lester Coloma

Artist Statement

The mural at Simone Hall in Hamilton is a public artwork in progress that is designed to communicate and educate the community on how the decisions we make effects pre birth development.

The centralized image of a newborn wrapped in swaddling appears to be imbedded into the exterior wall of Simone Hall. The colourings of the newborn and of it’s surrounding swaddling are painted in orange and warm brown tones to imply the safe sanctuary of the womb. The same swaddling cascades downwards from the wall and continues across the horizontal walk way that is immediately in front of the painted infant.

By extending the baby’s swaddling onto the concrete walk way, pedestrians have two decisions to traverse; avoid the painted fabric or to walk on top. Since the walk way swaddling is visually connected to the painted infant, the pedestrians conscious choice of where to walk ultimately effects the appearance and longevity integrity of the artwork content as a whole.

To maintain healthy pre birth development, conscious decisions need to be made. Some decisions made prior to and during pregnancy can have long term implications on the overall health and well being of an infant.

The decision of avoiding the artwork involves conscious thought and physically incorporating body moments to steer away from the mural. The option to walk over the artwork requires little thought or consideration to the future integrity of the artwork.

Similarly, actively pursuing behaviours that promote healthy pre birth development requires a deeper understanding of the available options and insight to the long term results.

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