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Policy Play

Jill Letten

Artist Statement

A poor start to life builds a "house" with poor materials. 

Policy Play shows construction workers sitting around instead of building the unfinished house. The construction workers represent a pregnant individual’s immune cells. These cells need an ideal environment to build the best “house.” The “house” is a symbol for the placenta. Without such an environment, they may not create a building that is up to code. For a developing child, this could mean they have problems handling life’s challenges. 

The lower level of the house represents a growing child’s parents. Their habits before conception play a key role in building a new life. The increasing obesity rates before conception are shown by a lounge chair, TV, and a kitchen filled with high-fat foods. The cracks caused by this poorly laid foundation suggest there will be effects on the growing child. 

There are many difficulties in achieving a healthy start to life. Policymakers can make changes to achieve this goal. They surround the house, manipulating and "playing" with pregnancy outcomes. They hold the power to create change in our healthcare, yet they do nothing. 

The concept is like a Russian doll.  The crib is the baby. The house is the placenta. The policymakers’ table is the world the baby will grow up in outside the womb. 

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